5 Things to do regularly to keeping your “sanity” as a teacher!

treadmill timeBeing an adult education teacher, it has its perks and its low moments. There are have been many occasions when I just wanted to run from other adults. Oh yea, I admit, it can get very stressful!  Here are five things I do on a regular basis that surprisingly help me to release my stress! Believe me, working with adults is much more painful but just as rewarding when working with K-12 students. 🙂

1.  Write in a personal journal.  Oh yes! You require your adults to do it, so why not you? They might be writing about you too! Let’s call it even and just release our frustration in our journal.

2.  Indulge in your food cravings and DO NOT SHARE!  Oh sure it sounds mean but really, don’t share it!

3.  Do some sore of “yoga” or stretching with your students!  Uh-huh, it sounds funny but just dim the lights and tell your students to join you. We all have muscles and need some sort of circulation to function as human beings. Trust me, that five minute stretch will do wonders to your neck but the energy is amazing!

4.  Hang inspirational quotes above your computer monitor.  Such a motivational boost! Gosh, just reading that “Never give up!” motto, you don’t feel so alone!

And last but not least…..my ultimate annoying one!

5.  30 minutes of sweating fitness activity! Since I am so busy all the time I hardly have time to watch my shows. I love getting on that treadmill and watching my Netflix show for 35-40 minutes! I kill two birds with one stone! Well not literally, but you know what I mean.

So there! Try those! They help me.  Give me your ideas too.


Say “said” with other words.



Whispered, mumbled, roared…

There are so many rich and colorful words that writers can use to convey the way a character speaks! While there is nothing wrong with using ‘said,’ when it’s overused it can lead to blah writing. When we use words like “muttered” or “whined,” we get a clearer picture in our heads.

Download this colorful mini-poster to display in your writing center or on a classroom wall to showcase 100 words your students can use instead of “said.” Or, distribute copies of the black-and-white mini-poster to all your students. Invite them to circle their favorite words with colored markers and save it in their writing notebooks. Challenge them to use one of their 100 colorful words every day!

Print the poster at home or at school on 8.5×11 or 11×17 paper, or have a copy shop print a super-sized one for you.

PDF >>  pages-from-100-words-poster-final-color

15 Common Grammar Mistakes

Even tho15-Common-Grammar-Mistakes-Youre-Probably-Makingugh I would probably be the worst english teacher on the planet, I still have this weird OCD thing going on when it comes to grammer grammar. The English language is really confusing! It has evolved a bit with unofficial slang and shortcuts that I still consider part of our complicated language (biffed, wanna, awesomeriffic, I’ma, hella, cagillion; ba da bing, ba da boom, etc.) because without them life just wouldn’t be as much fun.

Anywho, I’m not going to stop referring to my urban dictionary (and neither should you), but there are some grammar mistakes that could make you look, well, dumb. I stumbled across this info-graphic over at copyblogger, and couldn’t help but share it with my readers. If you’re a teacher, share this with your students. It makes explaining common grammar mistakes off tha hizzy fo shezzy!

Reading log printable

Click here for printout! >>>  Reading log1

Stay focused on your goal!

You make a goal for yourself, whether it be educational, social or career wise.  Things happen bringing about obstacles.  You are either prepared for them or never prepared for them. Then you decide that you didn’t want to do that anyhow or perhaps you decide to continue but in a different direction. This is a good motto to stick by!


Stick with the goal!