5 Things to do regularly to keeping your “sanity” as a teacher!

treadmill timeBeing an adult education teacher, it has its perks and its low moments. There are have been many occasions when I just wanted to run from other adults. Oh yea, I admit, it can get very stressful!  Here are five things I do on a regular basis that surprisingly help me to release my stress! Believe me, working with adults is much more painful but just as rewarding when working with K-12 students. 🙂

1.  Write in a personal journal.  Oh yes! You require your adults to do it, so why not you? They might be writing about you too! Let’s call it even and just release our frustration in our journal.

2.  Indulge in your food cravings and DO NOT SHARE!  Oh sure it sounds mean but really, don’t share it!

3.  Do some sore of “yoga” or stretching with your students!  Uh-huh, it sounds funny but just dim the lights and tell your students to join you. We all have muscles and need some sort of circulation to function as human beings. Trust me, that five minute stretch will do wonders to your neck but the energy is amazing!

4.  Hang inspirational quotes above your computer monitor.  Such a motivational boost! Gosh, just reading that “Never give up!” motto, you don’t feel so alone!

And last but not least…..my ultimate annoying one!

5.  30 minutes of sweating fitness activity! Since I am so busy all the time I hardly have time to watch my shows. I love getting on that treadmill and watching my Netflix show for 35-40 minutes! I kill two birds with one stone! Well not literally, but you know what I mean.

So there! Try those! They help me.  Give me your ideas too.


That moment you must “pause.”

Everyone Natural Obstacledrives to work, unless you work at home.  Well even at home you must walk to your desk or to another part of your house so I guess one does encounter obstacles regardless.  Haha.  I drive to work every single day, thirty miles each way.  One day I was driving home after a very intense day of teaching and counseling adults I came across this steer standing in my path.  My first thought was to honk and press on the gas to chase it out of my way but instead I stopped.  I sat in my car watching this steer as he stood there just watching me too.  In that moment I realized one important thing I have become too busy for, that natural obstacle which can totally throw you into an immediate reflection.  A quick thought into your real life where you realize over and over again but you somehow never seem to maintain the thought to “pause.”  A real pause on a regular basis to reflect on where you are at that moment, whether it is work related or your personal life.  I paused that day to a. Slow down b. Breathe deeply c. Enjoy Nature d. Smile.  

Why I treasure my bedroom the most….


I was recently asked which part of my house I treasure the most, it didn’t take me that long to realize it is my bedroom.
In the year 2000, I moved my family back from Tucson, Arizona to a little rural town located four hours north of Flagstaff, Arizona. I had grown up in this little town of Rock Point, Arizona and recall wanting to get out as soon as I graduated from high school. Parts of my childhood experiences involved some difficult times, I learned to look past these adversities and have faith in my future. I used to spend a lot of time in my bedroom seeking comfort and dreaming of my future. I would often sit in my room listening to music and reading positive books to give myself a sense of hope and strength. Little did I know; twenty plus years later this would continue to be my positive refuge in a different way.
Upon moving home in 2000 to the present, we would often stay home and only travel out of town twice a month to buy groceries and other necessities. This travel usually takes about two to three hours of driving time one way. I had become so accustomed to city life that this life change stressed me in the first few years. The years following, I knew I had to make changes to function normally, so I started to occupy myself by trying out a variety of activities to spark my interest which I could turn into a hobby.
After a few years of adjusting to this move, I gained a huge interest in graphic designing so I set up my desk area with cute colorful office items to spark my creative boost! My love for reading has also provided me with my own shelf of books ranging in topics from romance novels, teaching materials and most importantly, motivational books. A slight walk past my library is a shelf filled arts and crafts supplies I often do with my children. My new bedroom addition is a small fireplace heater which is so beautiful when it is on. I enjoy feeling the warmth from it and also watching the fake flames dance in the dark. I am also a college instructor, so I have a huge collection of college materials packed in boxes that I cannot toss. Then there is my jewelry stand filled with jewelry making supplies and my own collection of jewelry. When I step back, I will see my wall filled with printed quotes and family pictures.
The way I rearrange my bedroom is so important to me because it provides me such strong positive energy. Being in my bedroom creates such calmness in me. I am immediately rejuvenated when I enter my room. As much as I love my bedroom, I see the hand-me-down furniture and out-dated bed. It doesn’t matter how young or grown up we are, we must always dream big and never lose hope in our future. Anything is possible when we learn to believe in ourselves.