Giving children a little freedom

I recall living in the city and allowing my now 24 year old son to walk to the bus stop alone. It was like a block away.  Now I have an 11 and 13 year old, times have definitely changed and I cannot even allow them to walk around a city block alone.  Wow.

How much freedom do you allow your children?  Read the article here.



Free college websites to know…

Get more information for yourself, your students or your child!  Financial aid resources!

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Parenting becomes interesting..

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Pattern activity with early childhood



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Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns

Amazing blog! Wow. After years of teaching, this article brought me back to realization on some things I often hissed about when I was a counselor!

Sacred Heart Greenwich Middle School Faculty Blog

October 24, 2014

Do teachers really know what students go through? To find out, one teacher followed two students for two days  and was amazed at what she found. Her report is in  following post, which appeared on the blog of Grant Wiggins, the co-author of “Understanding by Design” and the author of “Educative Assessment” and numerous articles on education. A high school teacher for 14 years, he is now the president of Authentic Education,  in Hopewell, New Jersey, which provides professional development and other services to schools aimed at improving student learning.  You can read more about him and his work at the AE site.

Wiggins initially posted the piece without revealing the author. But the post became popular on his blog and he…

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Will the TEACH Act Make Higher Education More Accessible?

Higher Education Today

ACE, higher education groups believe language in the bill would result in a “significant chilling effect in the usage of new technology.”

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Preparing for the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA)

Life Prep Coach

FAFSA college tuition, college fees

Preparing for the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA)

Some years ago, the Federal Government put together a process to try to level the tuition playing field for families of differing incomes and assets. They devised a Worksheet for the student/parent to complete and thus determine what the family, in theory, should afford in putting a student through college. It’s this thing called the Free Application for Student Aid or FAFSA form. Parents and students divulge their income and resources and the government calculates some number called the Effective Family Contribution or EFC. The number goes to all the schools that you list on the form. The schools use the EFC number and their “List Price’ and their own financial aid formula to determine how much if any they might be willing to give you in the form of Student Aid. So, they usually send you an offer in the…

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Your Creative Intentions: The Monday Post ~ September 1, 2014

Studio Mothers: Life & Art

Thoreau quote

Happy September! (And happy Labor Day if you’re in the US!)

A regular creative practice — a daily practice, if possible — is key to staying in touch with how you make meaning. Key to living, not postponing. (Let’s all agree to give up on “someday.”)

What are your plans for creative practice this week? Given the specifics of your schedule, decide on a realistic intention or practice plan — and ink that time in your calendar. The scheduling part is important, because as you know, if you try to “fit it in” around the edges, it generally won’t happen. An intention as simple as “I will write for 20 minutes every morning after breakfast” or “I will sketch a new still life on Wednesday evening” is what it’s all about. If appropriate, use time estimates to containerize your task, which can make a daunting project feel more accessible.

Share your…

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